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CARPHA and the Coronavirus

Well, it seems that everyone and we mean everyone is concerned about the spread of the coronavirus. The island nations of the Carribean are no exceptions.  A recent press release from the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) lays out their plans to keep the island paradises and their tourism-based economies virus free.

The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) was established in July 2011 by an Intergovernmental Agreement signed by Caribbean Member States and began operation in January 2013. The Agency is the region’s collective response to strengthening its health systems approach so that it is equipped to address public health challenges.

The risk to the Caribbean is low it isn’t stopping them from staying on their toes and taking cautionary measures. The Caribbean Public Health Agency established the world’s first Tourism Health Program in 2015 to collaborate with the private and public organizations to constantly observe and evaluate public health threats to the islands and supply guidance to businesses in the tourism industry.

“CARPHA is recommending that Caribbean Member States be proactive and vigilant. They must step up surveillance measures at points of entry, communication strategies which emphasize good hand hygiene, and measures targeted at reducing the importation of this new virus to our shores,” stated Dr. St. John, who underscored that currently, there are no restrictions to travel to the Caribbean.

We will be watching the Department of State travel restriction carefully in the next couple of months but have confidence in CARPHA’s ability to prevent the spread of the virus in the Caribbean.


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