Going Over, Over the Border.

Going Over, Over the Border.

We mentioned previously that over Memorial Day weekend my sister Andi and I took a little brother-sister road trip to Toronto.  The trip went without a hitch… well, almost. I’ve gotten in the habit of using Apple Maps for directions (I used to be an avid user of actual paper maps) and she piloted me […]

A Little Road Trip With My Little Sis

A Little Road Trip With My Little Sis

This weekend I took a Memorial Day trip to Toronto with my favorite little sister and assistant Andrea. She was a little disappointed that you don’t get a stamp when you drive into Canada; you only get a passport stamp when you fly in. The trip from Pittsburgh only took 5 1/2 hours. We did find out […]

You Drop What?

I’m not certain who started it, my guess is probably the New Years Eve Times Square party in 1908 when they lowered a crystal ball down a pole starting at one minute to midnight to celebrate the beginning of the new year. Since then all over North America other towns have decided to drop their […]

Must-Taste Toronto

I shop at a supermarket, but have rarely been to a truly Super Market.  In the heart of downtown Toronto is the Saint Lawrence Market.  The market, founded in 1803, is the easily the size of any big box store and is filled with hundreds of vendors.  The first thing you notice when you walk […]

The Hardest Part

Like most people who enjoy travel, I count down the days to departure with increasing glee. My last day at work before my time off begins feels just like the last day of school before summer vacation. But, without fail, the night before we steal away – whether it’s for a weekend in Toronto or […]

Following the PATH

Toronto’s PATH is like most jewels found underground.  The network of tunnels is more than 17 miles long, covering enough area to earn it the title of largest underground shopping complex in the world. The PATH has 1,200 shops and restaurants and an array of business services. It connects more than 50 buildings and office […]

A History of Our Adventures for All to See

An eight hour weekend drive just to get a patch.  The little blue back pack with the flag patches is a constant companion on each of our trips.  The little bag is not only practical for keeping travel necessities like kindles, snacks, and hand wipes but, your pricey electronics, like your new digital SLR. A […]