No Kids, Will Travel

A Close Encounter with the Kind (Coming Soon)

We had a long day that involved lots of swimming and lots of driving. We can’t wait to bring you the full story next week.

Visiting Some Mermaids

Visiting Some Mermaids

We decided to take a spur-of-the-moment trip Saturday to check off one of our Florida “must-see” sites, the mermaids at Weeki Wachee State Park. The mermaids perform shows 16-20 feet below the surface of the natural spring to an audience in a theater behind large windows looking out on the underwater world. The amazing underwater […]

Bush Fires in Australia: Animals Need Our Help

We know a lot has been going on in the news during the past several weeks and it’s been hard to keep up. One of the many headlines is the more than 100 fires burning in Australia, scorching 12 million acres. To put that in perspective, the Amazon fires that were huge news earlier in […]

An Unexpected Career Change

An Unexpected Career Change

Well, a lot has happened in the past year. We left Pittsburgh for the warmer weather of Tampa, Florida, but not before being extras in a film about Mr. Rogers. Amanda finally became manager and with that took on the task of whipping her own social media team into shape. We found our literal dreamboat […]

Merry Christmas

We are both under the weather and we still need to hit the road to head home for the holiday. So, life is a struggle at the moment. You can at least see Storm is prepared to hit the road in her new camper all decorated for the holidays. We wish you all the best […]

It’s 80 Degrees and Time to “Play That Hockey”

It was bound to happen once we settled in here in Tampa and hockey season started. We took this Saturday night and spent it at Amalie Arena in downtown Tampa. Don’t worry; we didn’t convert to being Lightning fans, the Caps were in town. The arena isn’t new but doesn’t seem to be showing its […]

A Quick Post of Some Boats

Its been a busy week, complete with a career change. I did take time out to view a boat show in St. Petersburg, FL. I’ll update you all on the career change next week.