No Kids, Will Travel

We’re on Vacation!

We’ve been celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary and visiting our favorite city to celebrate, Florence, Italy. So we don’t have a lot of time to write this week. We decided to give you a moment of zen, watching the crews working out on the Arno River with the Ponte Vecchio in the background. We’ll have […]

We’re Crazy for a Different Kind of Cake

The other day there was a festival in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh (a.k.a. Little Italy). I happen to work in Little Italy, so my walk to and from work was through the crowded festival-filled street. I walked past the various food venders offering all sorts of food: BBQ, Asian fusion, and of course Italian. I […]

JetBlue Cuts Through Red Tape

Many consider JetBlue to be a standard of modern air travel and the airline helped kick off a new era in travel between the United States and Cuba this past week. After months of negotiations between the two nations’ governments, the New York-based airline flew its first of many regularly scheduled flights between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and […]

Connecting to the World

The World Wide Web is what we called the internet back 1991. At the time, it was a curious domain only frequented by scientists and certain young nerds named Amanda. A world of interconnecting computers sharing information that could be traced on a map made of paper. You could receive and send information at what […]

How to Travel Without Embarrassing Your Country

“Don’t be a dick, kids. Don’t be a dick.” — Wil Wheaton I’m not going to name names in this post.  The events being referred to, however, may seem familiar. I’m going to start out with this simple statement: When you travel, you are a representative of your country. You are an ambassador for your people. You […]

Otakon 2016 preview

The end of the more than decade long run of Otakon, an anime and Japanese pop culture festival, in Baltimore is coming to an end. The three day long festival is moving on after 17 years at the Baltimore Convention Center. Otakon will open its doors one last time in Charm City before moving down […]

Olympic Introduction

The 2016 Olympic games kicked off on Friday night and along with that the parade of nations.  Olympians march into the stadium under their flag and full of pride. I was also surprised that there were a handful of countries that I’d never heard of. I consider myself pretty good at geography, and for an entire […]