Plenty of Peace in Exuma, Bahamas

We finally had that desperately needed getaway to the Bahamas. We haven’t really gone anywhere for the last 2 years and the chance to finally flee was a blessing. We chose to runaway to George Town in the Exumas. The long island chain only 50 miles from the Tropic of Cancer is the perfect isolated […]


We’ve mentioned before my affinity for Japanese culture and this past Saturday I was given the chance to take part in a seminar and practice session for Kenjiutsu. Kenjutsu (剣術) originated with the samurai class of feudal Japan and roughly translates directly to Sword Art. You may have heard of Kendo. The sport where you wear armor and […]

Bahamas Bound

We are both all vaccinated and ready to get out into the world again. We do have a trip planned with family at the end of summer but we’ve been home bound to long. We’ve done our research and found a place that we can get to quick. The Exuma’s in the Bahamas. The Exuma’s […]

An Open Letter and a Goodbye

The very first post for this blog by would-be jet-setters was “Can you feed the cat?” all the way back in 2012. We talk about our girl Storm and how her independence’s facilitated our love of travel. She tolerated us leaving and forgave us when we returned. She is, was, our girl. She got sick […]

365 Days and a Haircut

I like a lot of people put off getting a haircut after the pandemic started. I could have safely gotten it cut months ago but wanted to make a point to my students. I told them at the beginning of the year that you will know when the second vaccine goes in my arm when […]

The Chance to Reconnect

The past week has been nice. The school system is off for spring break which means no classes and no place to be. We also found this occasion to play host to my parents. The now 70-year-old couple (shots in the arm) boarded a plane in Maryland and flew down here to spend time with the […]

A Shot in the Arm and Closer to Normal

We don’t have much to report this week but will have plenty next week. The parents have come to town since they have their vaccines. We plan to hit the beach and watch the hits at the ballpark. We’ll tell you how things feel in the closest we’re coming to normal yet. I also got […]

Looking to Escape

I know many of you have been looking for a way to escape from lockdown or that confinement made you reevaluate your priorities and you want to feel freer. You know us by now and know that travel is how we here at No Kids feel free and one of the ways we love to […]

Vaccine Passport?

The I.A.T.A. (International Air Transport Association) is currently lobbying governments to adopt a digital vaccine passport that can be presented at the border to prove you have the appropriate vaccines, and yes, that includes the COVID-19 vaccine. The hope is to get air travel moving again, especially international travel, not only for the sagging airline […]

A Side Project… A Passion Project

I have for the better part of the past year been not only writing this blog, working for Honey’s Anime, and teaching full time, but have been running a podcast. The podcast is called WLNM (the Web Light Novel and Manga Podcast.) I wanted to talk to authors and share experiences, learn from them, and […]