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Back in Service

We got in late last night from our sailing adventure. We had an amazing time. The trip did have a few snags but nothing overwhelming. We had intended on posting from the sailboat last Sunday but really only had connectivity yesterday. We’ve got quite a bit to tell you about sailing and the current state […]

Sailing and Studying

Study. Study. Study.  I will openly admit that my academic life was not a stellar one. I, like most of us, look back at my school career and think “Yeah, I could have done better.” I wasn’t much for studying. I just never felt like focusing on school on my own time. I was far […]

SV Delos

We all have that occasional dream of chucking it all, hitting the high seas and sailing around the world.  Well, I do at least.  I’m always interested in hearing about the people who actually do it. You’ll find a lot of  blogs out there following boats making one journey or another, some good, some bad, […]

Going to School At Sea

Going to School At Sea

I know we’ve mentioned more than once our love of the water and my particular love of sailing. I am mainly self taught and have never had any proper schooling. You don’t need a license to sail or own a boat in most jurisdictions. But if you want to rent or charter a boat you’ll […]

We’re Just Window Shopping, Right?

We know it hasn’t been that long since we’ve written about sailing, but it is one of the things we love so it gets a lot of column inches. The best part of a town like Annapolis, MD is that it has more than one boat show per year. The shows aren’t small filler shows, […]

20 Hours on the Bay

20 Hours on the Bay

I have a pretty close relationship with my younger sister, a closer relationship the most older brothers and younger sisters, but that relationship does have its boundaries. For example, I did not attend the mentally scarring event also known as her bachelorette party. Instead of being present for that highly awkward situation, her finance Matt and […]

Playa del Carmen, Quickie Style (Part Dos)

A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the first half of our 11-hour excursion in the Playa del Carmen area with Local Quickies. We’ll pick up here after our visit to Tulum and our swim in a cenote. Swimming with Sea Turtles Next up on our tour was a snorkeling trip to see sea turtles. […]