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SV Delos

We all have that occasional dream of chucking it all, hitting the high seas and sailing around the world.  Well, I do at least.  I’m always interested in hearing about the people who actually do it. You’ll find a lot of  blogs out there following boats making one journey or another, some good, some bad, […]

Going to School At Sea

Going to School At Sea

I know we’ve mentioned more than once our love of the water and my particular love of sailing. I am mainly self taught and have never had any proper schooling. You don’t need a license to sail or own a boat in most jurisdictions. But if you want to rent or charter a boat you’ll […]

We’re Just Window Shopping, Right?

We know it hasn’t been that long since we’ve written about sailing, but it is one of the things we love so it gets a lot of column inches. The best part of a town like Annapolis, MD is that it has more than one boat show per year. The shows aren’t small filler shows, […]

20 Hours on the Bay

20 Hours on the Bay

I have a pretty close relationship with my younger sister, a closer relationship the most older brothers and younger sisters, but that relationship does have its boundaries. For example, I did not attend the mentally scarring event also known as her bachelorette party. Instead of being present for that highly awkward situation, her finance Matt and […]

Playa del Carmen, Quickie Style (Part Dos)

A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the first half of our 11-hour excursion in the Playa del Carmen area with Local Quickies. We’ll pick up here after our visit to Tulum and our swim in a cenote. Swimming with Sea Turtles Next up on our tour was a snorkeling trip to see sea turtles. […]

Finding Freedom

I feel free when a gentle breeze caresses the back of my neck on its way to the tender embrace of a tall, white sail. My love affair with this variety of freedom began at an early age and from afar, watching beautiful ladies as they quietly moved with purpose across the blue Chesapeake Bay. […]

Sailing on Selina II

I will gladly admit sailing is a passion of mine.  I’ve been romanced by silent slow sojourns on the water since childhood.  I didn’t grow up on the water; we never owned a boat, with the exception of a canoe for fishing. But I’ve been drawn to the sea as long as I can remember. […]

Traveling Vicariously

I find one thing a lot of us who have the travel bug also have is lots and lots of books on travel. I have a book shelf full of them. I have a massive collection of frommer’s, fodor’s and other planning books but they are not my favorite. I love the good narrative. When […]