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Greek Island Hopping: Ios

I like to think if Peter Pan took place in Greece the island of Ios would be Never Land.  The sun-drenched island just to the north of Santorini in the Cycladic Archipelago is the place where the ferry stops and every college student with a backpack disembarks. I came across my very own Never Land […]

Greek Island Hopping: Mykonos

The second most popular island in Greece (to Santorini) is Mykonos, and for that reason I tend to stay clear when I can. The island is on almost every cruise ship route and every suggested itinerary for island hopping. That also means it’s crowded and expensive. The island earned its reputation as the home of […]

Simply Santorini

Have you ever sat at your desk and dreamed of getting away to Greece? Spent hours staring at the Greece calendar hanging on your cubicle wall and fantasize of romantic vistas of whitewashed houses? Stacked up sugar cubes and imagined them as a Greek Island village? [Okay, I understand if I’m the only one who […]

Travel by Tastebud

If there’s one thing I learned growing up in a warm climate and without air conditioning, it’s that it’s often too hot to be in the kitchen. It’s a problem my mother solved with a delicious solution: cooking outside. In my mind, summer is very closely associated with charbroiled flavors from the fire (or grill). […]

Flowers that Transplant Me

When ever I see the long, spidery tendrils of bougainvillea they transplant me to the sun-drenched islands of summertime Greece. The thorny, wood-like vines with their green leaves and purple, red, or white flowers hanging from the roof tops and balconies of whitewashed homes along narrow village streets is one of the images of Greece […]

We’ve Joined Pinterest!

I have to admit like a lot of people out there Pinterest has become one of our main sources of kitten and puppy pictures.  The picture-focused social media site  allows its members to post images with short captions and arrange them by subject on boards. You can then share your boards and pins with others […]

An Active Vacation on Andros

When we travel to Greece (Zeke has made the trip four times now), we like to visit Andros Island. Located just off the mainland, Andros is where Zeke’s great-grandmother, Anna Frank, was born. The strong family connection inspired our first visit, and the slow pace of Greek island life keeps us going back. While we’re […]

The Olympics: Visiting an Olympic City

I call on the youth of the world to gather … The opening of the 30th Modern Olympic Games in London this past Friday was a spectacular event and despite the grumbling you might hear from some Londoners about the crowds and the traffic problems, I truly believe that they are loving it. The Olympic […]

Traveling Vicariously

I find one thing a lot of us who have the travel bug also have is lots and lots of books on travel. I have a book shelf full of them. I have a massive collection of frommer’s, fodor’s and other planning books but they are not my favorite. I love the good narrative. When […]

Greece or Not to Greece?

With the American vacation season upon us and people thinking about where they want to go many of my coworkers and friends turn to me with questions – and one question in particular, is it safe to travel to Greece?  My answer is, simply, yes. Greece has been one of the safest places to travel […]