Under the Sea Out of the Sun

We did a little exploring yesterday and found ourselves at the Florida Aquarium. The compact aquarium on three floors along the water in downtown Tampa seems to be a great way to beat the heat. You get the chance to have some close encounters with various animals for free, too. The Ray pool lets you […]

Tampa: Week One

Tampa: Week One

Monday- The morning began like any other work week; we got up and got ready for work. The exception to the last three years is that she’s starting a new job. Yes, she is nervous. I told her it’s normal to feel nervous when you start something new, even if you are excited about the […]

Where to next?

We have been very, very, busy the last week. The No Kids team is relocating to Tampa. We’ll keep you all updated on the move. I’m sure we will have plenty to tell you.


I’ve been in New York this weekend on business. I haven’t been to New York since my childhood. I took a few pictures as it gears up for the big Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Many hands make light work

The work at a vineyard is never done.  You have to prune, train, plant, pick all in the vineyard before you ever get to the winemaking process. A big part of that process is protecting the vines and their fruit from wildlife. We have a 12 foot fence around the grapes to protect them from […]

An Airborne Education

South by Southwest is one of the biggest music, film and technology conferences in the the world. The best and the brightest minds in the world converge on Austin, Texas in order to exchange ideas and get clued into the latest trends.  But, you don’t need to be at the festival to take part in […]

Finding Our Way…

We’re on the road and a lack of light couldn’t stop us. The power was out at our apartment complex. I’ve had years of practice getting ready in the dark with my early morning shift work. We got in the car and down to the complex gate and were stopped in our tracks. The lack […]