Walking Inferno

If you haven’t read Dan Brown’s latest novel, Inferno, don’t worry. While this post does reveal some of the locations the characters visit, it does not contain any plot spoilers. When we learned Dan Brown’s Inferno would take place Florence, Italy, we were both thrilled and hopeful. Brown’s novels are typically full of historical references […]

Flowers that Transplant Me

When ever I see the long, spidery tendrils of bougainvillea they transplant me to the sun-drenched islands of summertime Greece. The thorny, wood-like vines with their green leaves and purple, red, or white flowers hanging from the roof tops and balconies of whitewashed homes along narrow village streets is one of the images of Greece […]

Dreaming of New Years to Come

Update: Zeke had a great idea on New Year’s Eve — to celebrate on Italian time. That meant we could count down to ‘midnight’ at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard, which is a lot more reasonable given Zeke’s 2:00 a.m. wake up time. This could become a tradition! Happy New Year from No Kids, Will Travel! […]

Traveling Vicariously

I find one thing a lot of us who have the travel bug also have is lots and lots of books on travel. I have a book shelf full of them. I have a massive collection of frommer’s, fodor’s and other planning books but they are not my favorite. I love the good narrative. When […]

To Gondola or Not to Gondola, That is the Question

A gondola ride in Venice is one of those things that boarder on cliché, like losing one’s virginity on prom night.  You promise yourself you’re not going to do it and yet you wake up the next morning in the back of an El Camino looking for your knickers. The gondola ride has another thing […]

Venice – A once-in-a-lifetime must

When you hear someone mention Venice there are a few things that come to mind, “Wow, that’s beautiful.”  Or “Venice really? Isn’t that just filled with tourists?” or “The canals, they’re beautiful” or “I heard the canals smell” … all these things are (kind of) true. Venice is a city built on hundreds of sandbars […]

Cars, Planes, Trains – You Name It

I remember setting my alarm for some ungodly hour – I think it was something like 2:00 a.m. – so I could meet Zeke at his parents’ house for our ride to the airport. That’s how it all started, our first trip to Italy that would kick off a lifetime of seeing the world (here […]