A Trip to the Strip

You know that first spring day when the weather breaks and everything feels amazing after a long, hard, snowy winter? We spent one of those days exploring a new part of our new home – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Strip In the words of our friends at Visit Pittsburgh, the Strip District: is foodie heaven and […]

Stay to the Left: an Ireland Adventure

The post this week is a guest post from the man who first got me to start journaling my adventures, my father, Randy.  So, yes he does have kids, but none of them are dependants.  I asked him to write up a blog post on his recent trip to Ireland with my mother. I am […]

Cars, Planes, Trains – You Name It

I remember setting my alarm for some ungodly hour – I think it was something like 2:00 a.m. – so I could meet Zeke at his parents’ house for our ride to the airport. That’s how it all started, our first trip to Italy that would kick off a lifetime of seeing the world (here […]