A Dinner Fit for Jackie O

A Dinner Fit for Jackie O

Christos Mediterranean Grille doesn’t look like much from the outside, sandwiched between Alihan’s Mediterranean Cuisine and Café Milano in the 100 block of 6th street in downtown Pittsburgh, but it packs a lot of character and charm into its menu and the 400 square-foot dining room. You might first think that the restaurant is a […]

Venice: Leave Your Rolling Luggage at Home

Venice: Leave Your Rolling Luggage at Home

If you’re planning a visit to Venice, choose your luggage carefully. The city council is said to be considering a ban on rolling luggage, at least for tourists. While residents would still be allowed to use bags with wheels, tourists could be fined $620. The rationale? Rolling luggage is noisy on the city’s labyrinth of […]

A Playlist of Memories

A Playlist of Memories

We all have that song that takes us back to a place and time the moment we hear it.

Nafplion: First Capital of Modern Greece

Two hours south of the crowded capital of Athens, Greece on the Peloponnesian Peninsula is the first capital of modern Greece, Nafplion. The hamlet and its surrounding enclaves has a population of only around 33,000 people compared to the 650,000+ of hot and busy Athens. The beautiful old harbor town is cooled by the gentle […]

Travel and Toilets

It’s a lesson every traveler must someday learn: toilets (and bathrooms in general) can vary greatly from one area to another. For us, it’s part of experiencing a new place (more on our experiences in a moment). Apparently some of the journalists who traveled to Sochi, Russia for the Olympic games hadn’t encountered this particular […]

A New Year’s Tradition

We at No Kids, Will Travel (Amanda and myself) know how busy you are this time of year, so this week we are keeping it simple for your sake as well as our own.  The world’s cultures have many different ways to celebrate the New Year, from watching the fireworks light up Sydney Harbor Bridge […]

Christmas Traditions Around the World

The idea of trimming a tree isn’t universal, even in countries with large Christian populations. Greece is 95% Greek Orthodox and you will seldom see a tree, except in a store window.  The main symbol of the season is a wooden cross with basil wrapped around it, kept fresh using a bowl of holy water. […]

Athens: Then and Now

I, like a lot of hoarders, happened to have several old and out-of-date books on my reference shelf and as you can imagine several are on Greece. So I thought we’d take trip back in time to the summer of 1983, a bygone era when the Police were at number one with their stalker-y hit […]

Greek Island Hopping: Ios

I like to think if Peter Pan took place in Greece the island of Ios would be Never Land.  The sun-drenched island just to the north of Santorini in the Cycladic Archipelago is the place where the ferry stops and every college student with a backpack disembarks. I came across my very own Never Land […]

Greek Island Hopping: Mykonos

The second most popular island in Greece (to Santorini) is Mykonos, and for that reason I tend to stay clear when I can. The island is on almost every cruise ship route and every suggested itinerary for island hopping. That also means it’s crowded and expensive. The island earned its reputation as the home of […]