Inferno, Starring the City of Florence

Inferno starring Tom Hanks

Inferno starring Tom Hanks

We know it’s more than evident, especially when reading this blog, we are obsessed with Florence, Italy. So when a major motion picture takes place in our beloved city we of course have to let our opinion be known. The film, Inferno, based on the book of the same name by Dan Brown, gave us one of the two things we had been hoping for in a film based largely in Florence: lots of beauty shots of the city.

We were able to see our beautiful city from amazing angles on a towering big screen. The shots of the Duomo alone are enough to take your breath away. The aerial shots of Piazza della Signoria make the often-crowded piazza look more open and grand than the way it appears on foot. Aerial shots of the piazza aren’t the only unique angles we get to see, the shots over the Boboli Gardens are also unique showing off its grand scale and letting you appreciate the intricacy of the formal garden.

The director, Ron Howard, even made sure to use the actual non-descript entrance of the Vasari Corridor in for an escape scene where our hero, Robert Langdon, enters in the corridor in Boboli and exits the into the Uffizi. Big bonus points for that.

But we were both disappointed when it came to the second item on our Inferno movie wish list — the film’s ending. No spoilers here, but Howard changed it, drastically. The entire meaning of the story changes and Langdon saves the day, again.

While we take issue with the ending, we have nothing but praise for the way our beautiful Firenze appears on film. The star of Inferno is truly Florence, and if you want to read more about the locations in the story take a look at our posts from a few years ago, Walking Inferno and Walking Inferno Part 2.


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2 comments on “Inferno, Starring the City of Florence

  1. I love the Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons but never got to read Inferno. Didn’t realize it was based in Florence!

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