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Cleveland Rocks

When I got the go-ahead to attend Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio, one of my first thoughts (aside from the work stuff) was of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I had never been Ohio, but the Hall has been in the middle of my ever-growing to-do (someday) list since it opened in 1995.

As luck would have it, the conference organizers arranged for the event’s opening night reception to be held at the Hall, so I got to explore it with 3,500 of my closest content marketing friends.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

I grabbed a drink from the bar and wandered around the museum, delighted by the creative displays around every corner.

Of course, my personal mission was to track down every item on display from one of my favorite rock bands, Metallica. I found their signatures on the wall first (and texted photos to friends and family immediately — like you do).

Metallica Autographs


I snapped pictures of part of the massive display honoring The Beatles and sent them to the biggest Beatles fan I know:

Beatles Display

I knew Metallica had its own display at the Hall (they were inducted in 2009, Flea did the honors), but I was having trouble tracking it down. I asked one of the Hall staff-members for a little help, and he happily led me right to it (I had simply missed a turn in my wanderings).

The “artifacts” (as the Hall calls them) in the collection include one of James Hetfield’s guitars, two of Kirk Hammett’s, Jason Newsted’s shirt, pants and electric bass, and the Scales of Justice stage prop from their 1998 tour.

While the Metallica items were my absolute favorites, there’s something for everyone at the Hall. You can practice your lean next to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal suit, or trace the technology that’s been bringing us all of these sounds from records and radios to CDs and iPods.

I was able to waltz right in to the Hall thanks to my Content Marketing World conference badge, but you can grab an adult ticket for $22 (kids 9-12 are $13, 8 and under are free with an adult ticket purchase). It’s money well spent for the opportunity to visit the artifacts from your favorite artists — and discover pieces from some of the other rock and roll greats.


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