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Hockey in June!!!

You have my apologies right off the bat for this blog post; it’s not about travel. If you’ve been following our blog, you know Amanda and I are huge hockey fans. We love the game we watch it at least three or four nights a week during the hockey season. We are also big, big, […]

Seeing RED in a Sea of Black and Gold

You may change your city but you never change your team. That’s a motto we tend to live by in the Changuris household.  So when you move to a town (a town that happens to be the home of your most hated hockey rival) what else would you do but dress in red and stand […]

Headed to the Minors

I think if you’ve been reading our blog you might have gotten the idea that Amanda and I crave sunshine and the warm summer breezes (which is true), so it might feel like a contradiction when you learn we freaking love ice hockey.  I know, weird huh? Remember our trip to Toronto last February? It was prompted […]