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Tarpons Baseball

Tarpons Baseball

My earliest memories of professional baseball are going to minor league games in Hagerstown. The Hagerstown Suns were a Baltimore Orioles-affiliated minor league team at the time, so occasionally you would see a major leaguer that had gone down to the Suns for rehab. I had some of my best birthday parties at that minor […]

An American Weekend

How much Americana can you fit into a weekend? Amanda and I decided to do our best this Memorial Day weekend. We started Friday evening after spending about an hour assembling our new grill (the new apartment building allows what our own condo association wouldn’t — ironic, right?). I fired up the propane and tossed some hot dogs […]

A Baseball Binge

The search for the sun and signs of spring weather are a recurring theme of this blog, mainly because of my personal dislike of the cold. Because of this bias I grasp for any hint of the warm weather to come.  The first and earliest sign of the coming spring is when the birds begin […]