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Oldsmar Flea Market

Oldsmar Flea Market entrance

Main Entrance

Have you ever passed a place dozens of times and always wondered what it’s like inside?  For me, the Oldsmar Flea Market in Oldsmar, Florida, near Tampa, was that kind of place. We decided to stop in yesterday and take a look around.

The first thing we can say about it is that it’s big. The site and its parking lots cover 28 acres. A series of long narrow buildings running parallel to each other house the market, giving you shelter from the sun and potential showers.

You can find a little bit of everything there from the expected used nick-nacks to clothing, jewelry, golf equipment, and cookware. You can even get fresh produce with stands selling locally grown crops. The market may be shaded but it is still hot and there is no AC. You should be sure to hydrate. You could also visit one of the many food vendors spread out over the complex for a drink or snacks like hot dogs and mini donuts. You will want to wear comfy shoes since you’ll be walking on concrete floors.

The market has been in business for over 40 years and according to a statement from the owners, it (the market) is trying to evolve from fleamarket to a world-class marketplace for vendors. You should take some time over a weekend to look around at the market because you might come across something you never knew you needed. The hours are Saturday and Sunday 9-4.


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