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DC to Hong Kong, Direct

Cathay Pacific 350-1000
Photo Credit- Airbus S.A.S. A. Doumenjou

Cathay Pacific is going to begin direct flights from Washington, DC’s Dulles International Airport.  The trip between the US capital and the iconic Asian destination will cover 8,153 miles non-stop.

“Our customers have told us they want greater options and increased flexibility – and we’ve listened,” said Cathay Pacific CEO Rupert Hogg in a press release. “Much like Hong Kong, Washington DC is a vibrant and dynamic destination and we are thrilled to soon be providing the only direct flights between these two great cities.”

“Establishing new direct air links to destinations that aren’t already served from Hong Kong enhances our city’s status as Asia’s largest international hub and allows us to secure new and important sources of revenue,” he added.

The route will be flown by 20 brand new Airbus A-350-1000 making the Cathay long-haul fleet one of the youngest in the sky. The wide-body aircraft has twin aisles and seats 366 passengers with 18 inch wide economy seats.

The flights should start around September 2018 and are scheduled to operate from Hong Kong on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and out of IAD (Dulles) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. We know the service is coming in less than a year because they have already been assigned flight numbers, CX 860 and CX 861.

16 hours, 50 minutes

Yes, a non-stop flight to from Washington, DC to Hong Kong will be 16 hours 50 min. I don’t know many people that would be comfortable with sitting that long — and ideally you shouldn’t.  We tracked down a nice video to help you prepare for this or any long haul flight. I’ll keep these tips in mind for my upcoming long haul to Tokyo next spring.


Qantas Airlines has other tips for making your long-haul healthier and more enjoyable.


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