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Nassau’s Coming Attractions

The Minister of Tourism and Aviation getting a look at the model of the planned development. Photo Credit: Kemuel Stubbs

A lot construction will be happening near downtown Nassau as a $250 million project begins to take shape.  The unveiling of the project with the Bahamas’ Minister of Tourism and Aviation showed a large hotel complex to the west of the British Colonial Hilton.

“This is very exciting. It starts the revitalization of Bay Street. It’s a modern project that is very different from the colonial feeling of Bay Street and it is going to add something even more exciting for our visitors to experience when they get off the cruise ships,”  said Minister Dioniso James D’Aguilar.

The project is expected to begin a phased opening in mid-2019 and will feature a 150-room Margaritaville Beach Resort. Nearby, you’ll find a 150-unit luxury oceanfront residence that will be branded One Particular Harbour at The Pointe.

You will also eventually see a marina, waterpark, spa, retail shops and of course a Margaritaville restaurant and kids’ club.

“What I find really wonderful about this is the water park; that will provide something different for all visitors to do,” the Tourism and Aviation minister added.  The minister believes that The Pointe is including all the elements to be a successful project by having a mix of residential, commercial, food options and parking.

“We need all of those components to bring about the revitalization of Bay Street. We have millions of visitors coming to our country. Now, we have to create experiences that will get them to spend money here.”

The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation and the Downtown Nassau Partnership (DNP) are working together to finalize plans for the revitalization and beautification of Bay Street in its entirety.

We’ve been to Nassau twice and stayed at the British Colonial Hilton each time. We really enjoyed our stay each time and wonder if the new luxury development will change the authentic local feel of the neighborhood. I think it will be really interesting to go back after the projects have been completed.



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