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News in the Air

Lufthansa Links You to Your Bag

One of my favorite airlines just got better by finally giving me the same ability to track my bag that we expect from our latest shipment of shoes from Zappos. Lufthansa  has officially unveiled its digital luggage service.  You can now use the Lufthansa app on your mobile device to track your luggage from check-in to baggage carousel.  The app is said to be so accurate that you can use that time to grab a drink or go shopping in the airport and show up at the baggage claim as your bag hits the steel conveyor.

Baggage Claim, Dulles Airport

The service is going to start at the Lufthansa hub in Frankfurt as well as Munich, Stuttgart, and Milan and eventually be available in all of the airports Lufthansa  serves. I think one of the best uses of this app will be the ability to see if your bag made it to your destination or not. No more standing there like a desperate girl waiting for the phone to ring on prom night as you try to will your luggage to slide into view. You’ll now have plenty of notice if your bag takes a side trip to Stuttgart when you are in Milan. An even better feature for of this app is the ability to fill out the forwarding order for your wayward bag so it can meet you at your destination, ether it be home or hotel.  I think for those who check bags this will be a welcome advance and some peace of mind.

United Goes Green, but Not for St. Patrick’s Day

In other airline news, United Airlines made history this week by becoming the first US airline to use sustainable biofuel for a regularly scheduled flight from Los Angles. The airline agreed to purchase 15 million gallons of bio fuel in a three-year period. The planes running on the fuel will be traveling the LAX to SFO (San Francisco) route. So now when you decide to fly from the land of Prius-driving starlet wannabes to the land of granola-eating hipsters you can be confident at least the fuel you’re burning is renewable.

I know this is a little, okay a lot more “newsy” than our usual posts but we thought  that both of these stories were worth a little mention.


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