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A Pedal-Powered Bar Crawl

I know it’s spring in Pittsburgh when I can go to my 5:30 p.m. gym class and it’s light enough to people-watch through the second story floor-to-ceiling windows. I know summer is on its way when I see the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler roll by. This year I got so excited seeing it for the first time (much pointing and exclaiming “pedal pub!”), our Body Pump instructor was inspired to organize a class field trip.

So last week we all got together for our Friday night Body Pump class, hit the showers, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then met up in Pittsburgh’s Strip District to climb aboard our very own 2-hour pedal pub tour.

My pictures aren’t the most fantastic images, but there was a lot of motion… and drinking… so I hope you’ll forgive me.

The 16-seat bike contraption is 100% powered by the people on board. We didn’t have many avid spinners on this ride, but together we made easy work of the streets in the Strip and Cultural Districts of Pittsburgh. Our first stop was a bar in the Strip District, where the bartender served up 16 shots for our enthusiastic group.

Shots for 16!

Then it was back to the bike to make our way down Penn Avenue straight into the Cultural District. John, our driver for the evening, deftly maneuvered the Dutch-built bike through traffic, ringing a bell quickly when he needed us to pedal and giving us two quick rings when we needed to coast.

With a top speed of 5 miles-per-hour, the Party Pedaler experience leaves plenty of time for dancing along to your choice of music and waving at everyone on the sidewalk (one guy even sang and danced along to some old school N’Sync with us — gotta love a guy who can get into boy band music with 16 crazy ladies on a four-wheeled pub).

After our second stop at a very crowded bar in the Cultural District, it was time to head back to the Strip. Since I live just across one of Pittsburgh’s famous bridges from where we stopped, I hopped off and made my way home (rather than having to call an Uber to get home). I heard the music and revelry continuing for at least two blocks down the street.

If you’re looking for a fun way to enjoy bar hopping in Pittsburgh (and get a little fresh air and exercise to boot!), the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler is a unique way to go. The cost averages out to $25/pedaler and it was well worth the price for a fun evening with the girls from Gold’s Gym. Just be sure to book well in advance; John told us business is booming this year!


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