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Road Trip Safety Tips

The Memorial Day weekend is almost here and the season of the road trip is almost upon us.  It’s a time of year when many pack up their cars and hit the endless highway to explore America, a time when many of us put ourselves and others in danger as we drive long distances we aren’t accustomed to. The […]

Catching a Travel Bug

We love travel. We love experiencing new people, new places — opening our minds to how excitingly varied the world can be. Unfortunately, this time of year in particular, travel often means exposing yourself to some not-so-pleasant things. Namely other passengers’ germs. Here in the United States, we’re in the midst of a particularly intense […]

Venice – A once-in-a-lifetime must

When you hear someone mention Venice there are a few things that come to mind, “Wow, that’s beautiful.”  Or “Venice really? Isn’t that just filled with tourists?” or “The canals, they’re beautiful” or “I heard the canals smell” … all these things are (kind of) true. Venice is a city built on hundreds of sandbars […]