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Summer Reading List

The summer is upon us at least on the east coast of north America and with that comes time to sit by the pool or the on the beach and read. Yup, read. I’m not one for cooking myself in the sun’s rays without a purpose. I get fidgety real fast. So, I read. I […]

An American Weekend

How much Americana can you fit into a weekend? Amanda and I decided to do our best this Memorial Day weekend. We started Friday evening after spending about an hour assembling our new grill (the new apartment building allows what our own condo association wouldn’t — ironic, right?). I fired up the propane and tossed some hot dogs […]

Grown Up Get Aways

The summer is here, it’s getting hot and like most people you want to head to your local beach, whether it’s by a lake or by the sea, to relax and cool off.  I find one real problem with that idea; it’s everyone else’s idea too. You have to fight traffic to get there, the […]