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Winter Travel Safety

Winter Travel Safety

The weather seems to have remembered it’s nearly winter here in Pittsburgh this week. We had a measurable snowfall, 1-3 inches, and the temperature plummeted to 8 degrees Fahrenheit; that’s all it took to shake us from our illusion of a mild winter. The American Automobile Association (AAA) forecasts 93.6  million of us will hit the roads this […]

Thoughts on Travel Safety

I have been thinking a lot lately, undoubtedly as many of us have, about my safety when I travel. I have never been one to live in fear of anything. I have never let fear keep me from exploring the world and having amazing adventures. But this doesn’t mean that I act carefree without exercising caution. […]

Why We’re Not Worried About Ebola

Why We’re Not Worried About Ebola

We’ve all heard the anchors and reporters on the news saying “starting this weekend airports are clamping down on passengers from West Africa” or “major changes to air travel in the U.S. to combat Ebola.” Statements like these conjure images of draconian methods being employed to anyone traveling by air, causing chaos at every airport […]

Road Trip Safety Tips

The Memorial Day weekend is almost here and the season of the road trip is almost upon us.  It’s a time of year when many pack up their cars and hit the endless highway to explore America, a time when many of us put ourselves and others in danger as we drive long distances we aren’t accustomed to. The […]

Oh My Holy Lands

You know we don’t use the term bucket list around here at No Kids, Will Travel. We live with the philosophy  that you don’t wait, you just go. Even so, we understand waiting is probably a good idea sometimes. For years I have wanted to visit the Holy Land.  I am (for the most part) […]

Travel Safety

This week two American tourists were abducted by Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula on their way to the resort of Dahab.  The Bedouin wanted the police to release one of their tribesmen jailed for drug possession and offered the tourists in exchange.  The Bedouin eventually released the Americans unharmed after negotiations with police on May […]