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Romantic Places in My Mind

Romantic Places in My Mind

The 14th of February is coming up fast and it has me reminiscing about some of the more romantic places we’ve visited. So, here they are in no particular order. I remember one of my first times visiting Greece and the island of Ios, where the great poet Homer is buried. I climbed up the rocky hill across […]


Make an Effort: Traveling for Valentine’s Day

“No, I didn’t forget…” How many of us have said that on February 13 and had to lie through our teeth?  I will admit, this has never happened to me. Even when I wasn’t in a relationship, I’d have flowers delivered to each single girl in my small newsroom with a note saying “no girl […]

To Gondola or Not to Gondola, That is the Question

A gondola ride in Venice is one of those things that boarder on cliché, like losing one’s virginity on prom night.  You promise yourself you’re not going to do it and yet you wake up the next morning in the back of an El Camino looking for your knickers. The gondola ride has another thing […]