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Road Trip Safety Tips

The Memorial Day weekend is almost here and the season of the road trip is almost upon us.  It’s a time of year when many pack up their cars and hit the endless highway to explore America, a time when many of us put ourselves and others in danger as we drive long distances we aren’t accustomed to. The […]

Motorcycle to Oklahoma

Motorcycle to Oklahoma

A  break from the guidebook vacation – a guest post from No Kids, Will Travel family-member Andrea Changuris: It was my boyfriend’s turn to pick our vacation and I was surprised with a motorcycle trip to Oklahoma. Yes, it was quite a surprise.  We had one week off and we were going to visit his […]

What a Trip

“What the heck is that?” you ask? That’s what it looked like last night as we drove down the Pennsylvania Turnpike. For about 90 minutes I wondered if the state had snow plows. It was nearly as much fun as you’re imagining. The slick roads and intermittent white-out conditions got Zeke and I thinking about […]

Lesson Learned

I have often mentioned the importance of journaling your travels and how it can take you back to details and moments you’ve forgotten.  What I have not mentioned is that sometimes those details are ones you’d rather forget.  The second travel journal I ever kept, the first being lost to time, is from the summer […]