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Packing the Wine Cellar

Packing the Wine Cellar

We are sure that this isn’t a problem for most travelers but it was a problem for us: going on vacation and taking your wine cellar with you.  We’ve mentioned in several posts that my family runs a vineyard and we make some pretty damn good wine. The idea of taking a bottle or two […]

A Better Way to Carry Your Gadgets and Gizmos

I know as a modern traveler we have to put up with a lot of things: airport lines, baggage fees and transporting all of our toys and gizmos safely and securely are just the beginning of a very lengthy list. At the DC Travel and Adventure Show last month I caught up with a man […]

Packing Light?

I know 33 pounds sounds like a lot, especially to someone who carries a 25-pound camera for a living. But when you’re cramming everything you need (and think you need) for a two-week trip in a country you’ve never visited the weight limit seems like a real challenge. I understand the reason for the weight […]