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I’m (Sort Of) Flying!

For most of my life my family has vacationed down on the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Hatteras Island. Each year we’d pass the massive sand dunes of Jockey’s Ridge and see the people learning how to hang glide and each year I’d say “I want to learn to do that.”  When you’re a […]

The O. Henry Hotel in Greensboro, NC

I was definitely excited for this little road trip.  I was ready to leave work on Thursday at noon and drive the five-and-a-half hours from Frederick to Greensboro, North Carolina and hit the town.  I was sure that we’d come away from the trip with loads to tell you about the North Carolina town for […]

A Simple Retreat

The lives we live today are often busy, carrying us from here to there and filled with distraction.  The distractions in our lives don’t just extend to life outside the home.  We fill our homes up with distractions too, the large televisions, the computers, the wired world, the six different ways to make coffee (okay, […]

Celebrating Us, and Our Love for Travel

Today, Zeke and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary (and about eight-and-a-half years of being each other’s favorite travel companion). We’ve stolen away to the family beach house on the Outer Banks in North Carolina and we’re enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with an autumn beach vacation. (Side note: our house-sitter reports […]