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I Don’t Dream of Africa

“I can still smell Africa,” my father said one day, and that led me to consider which memory I have that stands out in the everyday. I asked myself and my parents that exact question. My mother is a very kind and empathetic person, always worried about the plight of others.  I wasn’t surprised by her […]

A Playlist of Memories

A Playlist of Memories

We all have that song that takes us back to a place and time the moment we hear it.

Gone Fishin’

I know it sounds cliche, but some of the fondest memories of my childhood are fishing with my father. I didn’t care if it was on the Potomac River in a canoe, on the shore, or at our local pond (pictured). I found it to be a wonderful learning experience about life, about bucking up and […]

Capturing Memories

I’ve learned a great number of things from my husband over the years, but one of the most useful and meaningful lessons he’s taught me is the art of the travel journal. I resisted it like an obstinate two-year-old. I travel for enjoyment, relaxation and experience — not for writing down the (seemingly) mundane details of […]