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Christmas Music, Not on the Radio

I know that we, or at least I, have already had our fill of Christmas music this year and just can’t wait for New Years and the chance to move on with our lives. I mean how many times can you listen to Mariah Carey before stuffing your ears with your Santa beard? But there’s still […]


Farm to Fork Frederick

Farm to Fork Frederick

Where does your food come from? I’m not one of those “it’s gotta be organic” nuts that’s always evangelizing the benefits of organic food.  I pretty much don’t mind better living through chemistry, and am willing to eat food that has been made better and protected by science. But I’m also one of the first […]

Festive Frederick, Maryland

The fall wanes to winter and the weather turns cold, the sky darkens early, but the streets of my hometown are still warm and bright. I have lauded Frederick, Maryland before as a Norman Rockwell scene come to life and it lives up to that description even more than usual this time of year. The […]

We’ve Joined Pinterest!

I have to admit like a lot of people out there Pinterest has become one of our main sources of kitten and puppy pictures.  The picture-focused social media site  allows its members to post images with short captions and arrange them by subject on boards. You can then share your boards and pins with others […]