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Top 5 Movies for Travel Escapism

The past week has been filled with emotional ups and downs for many American citizens. Here in the Changuris household we don’t hide that we’re pretty liberal, so the results of the election really disappointed us. We, like many others were, looking for an escape. No, not a move to Canada (although Amanda was one […]


Top Six Films Set in Tuscany

We’ve had a very busy last couple of weeks; there’s been a new job, a new apartment, a new city. We’ve both lived in the same town most of our lives so this has been a big change. The one thing we didn’t want to change was our dedication to at least post something up […]

Africa in the Movies

We’re about to take our big trip to Africa and thought you could come along, at least in a vicarious sense. I put together a small list of some of my favorite films about Africa that might let you escape there for at least an hour. The contemporary films out there aren’t exactly relaxing; films […]