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Taking Home (a Little) More than Memories

Taking Home (a Little) More than Memories

There are many schools of thought when it comes to souvenirs. Some ascribe to the “take only memories, leave only footprints” mentality, others don’t feel like a trip is complete without a major purchase. Like most people, I fall around the middle of that spectrum. I won’t buy a trinket just to have it. In […]


Athens: Then and Now

I, like a lot of hoarders, happened to have several old and out-of-date books on my reference shelf and as you can imagine several are on Greece. So I thought we’d take trip back in time to the summer of 1983, a bygone era when the Police were at number one with their stalker-y hit […]

The Olympics: Visiting an Olympic City

I call on the youth of the world to gather … The opening of the 30th Modern Olympic Games in London this past Friday was a spectacular event and despite the grumbling you might hear from some Londoners about the crowds and the traffic problems, I truly believe that they are loving it. The Olympic […]

Greece or Not to Greece?

With the American vacation season upon us and people thinking about where they want to go many of my coworkers and friends turn to me with questions – and one question in particular, is it safe to travel to Greece?  My answer is, simply, yes. Greece has been one of the safest places to travel […]