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We’re Just Window Shopping, Right?

We know it hasn’t been that long since we’ve written about sailing, but it is one of the things we love so it gets a lot of column inches. The best part of a town like Annapolis, MD is that it has more than one boat show per year. The shows aren’t small filler shows, […]

The United States Sailboat Show

If it had ever been suggested to me that I’d be spending the day walking around the harbor in Annapolis, Maryland in my bare feet on a damp fall day in the beginning of October I’d think you were crazy.  Well, you’re not.  I was in my bare feet and loving it.  The 45th United […]

A Day of Sailing

A Day of Sailing

A guest post from the youngest member of the No Kids, Will Travel family — and we literally mean family — Andrea Changuris. I’m sitting around at the beginning of summer talking with my boyfriend, Matt, about our plans. We rattle off the standard wishes for summer. Let’s go on the river, let’s try for the […]