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Grown Up Get Aways

The summer is here, it’s getting hot and like most people you want to head to your local beach, whether it’s by a lake or by the sea, to relax and cool off.  I find one real problem with that idea; it’s everyone else’s idea too. You have to fight traffic to get there, the […]

Africa: It’s about Expecations

I’ve wanted to see Africa since I was a child.  When I was a kid it was the adventure brought to me by the black and white adventure films, of Tarzan swinging through the jungle and Allan Quartermain in King Solomon’s mines. As I got older I could just see myself as Robert Redford flying […]

Smaller is Better and Personal gets more Personal

I know we can get a little preachy sometimes about having an authentic travel experience and it’s one of the few things I won’t apologize for. I truly believe that travel is about making connections and we are driven as a species to do so. I think it’s clearly evident with the popularity of Facebook […]