No Kids, Will Travel

Traveling Periodical-ly

I know this blog must be your very first read when it comes to travel information, but who do you read when you’re not reading us? If you don’t have a go-to source, we can offer these suggestions. Afar Magazine is the bohemian magazine in the travel market. It serves to inspire those who travel the world seeking […]

A Wow Moment

A Wow Moment

I was going back through our archives and realized there was one adventure that we haven’t talked about much: my adventure to Egypt.  When my little sister was even littler, she was fascinated with history and Egypt in particular. I — being her wonderful big brother — made her a promise, if she was still […]

A Walk Around DuPont Circle

A Walk Around DuPont Circle

DuPont Circle in North West Washington, DC is probably one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan neighborhoods in the nation’s capital. You can’t walk a block without coming across a restaurant, bookstore, bar, or club. The active, open and alternative nightlife is often what draws the college crowd from across the city. One of the […]

England Bound

With the holidays winding down it’s time for Amanda and me to start planning our winter break. Most of the time, Amanda gives me a budget of a couple thousand dollars and we escape to some place with crystal clear water and warm temperatures. I can’t express how much I look forward to running away […]

You Drop What?

I’m not certain who started it, my guess is probably the New Years Eve Times Square party in 1908 when they lowered a crystal ball down a pole starting at one minute to midnight to celebrate the beginning of the new year. Since then all over North America other towns have decided to drop their […]

Passengers Behaving Badly

These days, I feel like it’s noteworthy if I can make it through a flight without being astonished (and annoyed) by the behavior of some of my fellow passengers. You’ll find plenty of examples on the Passenger Shaming Facebook page that leave me shaking my head. Up, up and AWAY! A video posted by Amanda […]

Gift List 2014

Gift List 2014

The holiday season, aka gifting season, is upon us. For those of you who have procrastinated, here’s your heads up: As of this posting there are only 10 shopping days left.  So, for all of you who are stuck looking for a gift for the traveler in your life here is a quick list of a few thing […]


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