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Coping with Travel Troubles

Coping with Travel Troubles

Whether you’re setting off for the adventure of a lifetime or hitting the highway for a quick trip, there’s always a chance things won’t go quite as planned. In the course of our travels we’ve come up against everything from flight delays and lost luggage to bus and ferry schedules that are treated more like […]

Nafplion: First Capital of Modern Greece

Two hours south of the crowded capital of Athens, Greece on the Peloponnesian Peninsula is the first capital of modern Greece, Nafplion. The hamlet and its surrounding enclaves has a population of only around 33,000 people compared to the 650,000+ of hot and busy Athens. The beautiful old harbor town is cooled by the gentle […]

A Sad Piece of News

A Sad Piece of News

The first time we traveled to the Virgin Islands several years ago we found ourselves at the quirky and absolutely charming hotel at the edge of Charlotte Amelie in the community of Frenchtown. The moderately priced Inn at Villa Olga didn’t sit on a beach or have white-glove service, but had personality in spades. I still […]

A Revolutionary 4th

The 4th of July, (a big holiday for us Americans), was on Friday and had me thinking about a trip down a revolutionary road of American history. So, let’s start off by journeying 22 miles outside of Boston, MA to Minute Man National Park, the home of the first battles of the American Revolution against British rule. […]

Get Your Fix: Connecting with Your Caffeine

Get Your Fix: Connecting with Your Caffeine

We may have mentioned it before, but Amanda and I do love our coffee — and not just any murky cup. We prefer a quality brew, some might even go so far as to call us coffee snobs.  So, as snobs we know that a good cup comes from a good bean from a great estate, selected and roasted with […]

Berlin, MD: America’s Coolest Small Town

Berlin, MD: America’s Coolest Small Town

What happens when the coolest aunt and uncle visit America’s Coolest Small Town? They report back to their niece and nephew-in-law for No Kids, Will Travel! Budget Travel named Berlin, Maryland America’s Coolest Small Town in their 9th annual contest — earning more than 28% of the online votes cast in a field of 15 […]

Summer Reading List

The summer is upon us at least on the east coast of north America and with that comes time to sit by the pool or the on the beach and read. Yup, read. I’m not one for cooking myself in the sun’s rays without a purpose. I get fidgety real fast. So, I read. I […]

Catching a Train to Chicago

I love our apartment in Pittsburgh. I love the proximity to downtown, I love the view of the skyline, I love the distance to PNC Park, I love being able to watch the boaters on the Allegheny, I even love the sound of the trains rolling by from parts unknown across the nearby bridge and […]

Gone Fishin’

I know it sounds cliche, but some of the fondest memories of my childhood are fishing with my father. I didn’t care if it was on the Potomac River in a canoe, on the shore, or at our local pond (pictured). I found it to be a wonderful learning experience about life, about bucking up and […]

An American Weekend

How much Americana can you fit into a weekend? Amanda and I decided to do our best this Memorial Day weekend. We started Friday evening after spending about an hour assembling our new grill (the new apartment building allows what our own condo association wouldn’t — ironic, right?). I fired up the propane and tossed some hot dogs […]


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