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The Best Neighborhood that Used to be in DC

The Best Neighborhood that Used to be in DC

In 1791, when the borders of the District of Columbia (DC) were drawn, the nation’s capital covered both sides of the Potomac River, crossing into today’s Maryland and Virginia state lines. The City of Alexandria and the surrounding area was ceded back to Virginia in 1846, prophetically ending the nation’s capital’s rule over both North and […]

Tarpon Springs: Greek Town

When you travel to major cities in the United States and Canada, cities that have seen a lot of immigrants settle in them over the years, you tend to find places with heavy concentration of one ethnic group or another. These enclaves have names such as Chinatown in San Francisco, Greek Town in Chicago and Little […]

The Blossom and the Tourist

The District of Columbia isn’t short on tourist attractions. The Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the museums of the Smithsonian Institution… they definitely needed one more reason — or should I say 3,700 more reasons — the cherry trees of the tidal basin.  The original 3,020 cherry trees were a gift […]

Seeing RED in a Sea of Black and Gold

You may change your city but you never change your team. That’s a motto we tend to live by in the Changuris household.  So when you move to a town (a town that happens to be the home of your most hated hockey rival) what else would you do but dress in red and stand […]

Memories of Africa, A Year Later

A year ago we went on the adventure of a lifetime.  I know that for a couple whose goal in life is to travel the world, the adventure of a lifetime, title is a little much.  But this time last year we journeyed to Tanzania for our photo safari and are still amazed when we […]

The Church Brew Works

Oh yeah, you read that right. This onetime Catholic church in Pittsburgh has been transformed into a restaurant and brewery, with the brewing equipment appropriately placed where the altar once stood. The Church Brew Works caught our attention as soon as we knew we’d be relocating to Pittsburgh. Friends with connections to the area were […]

Top Six Films Set in Tuscany

We’ve had a very busy last couple of weeks; there’s been a new job, a new apartment, a new city. We’ve both lived in the same town most of our lives so this has been a big change. The one thing we didn’t want to change was our dedication to at least post something up […]

Travel and Toilets

It’s a lesson every traveler must someday learn: toilets (and bathrooms in general) can vary greatly from one area to another. For us, it’s part of experiencing a new place (more on our experiences in a moment). Apparently some of the journalists who traveled to Sochi, Russia for the Olympic games hadn’t encountered this particular […]

Snow: It Sucks

I know we’ll hear about this statement, but I. Can’t. Stand. Snow! I know for many the white blanket of frozen water covering everything in sight like an exploded bag of confectionery sugar is beautiful. Allow me to educate you; if you’ve never had the experience of a bag of confectionery sweetness exploding in your […]

Motorcycle to Oklahoma

Motorcycle to Oklahoma

A  break from the guidebook vacation – a guest post from No Kids, Will Travel family-member Andrea Changuris: It was my boyfriend’s turn to pick our vacation and I was surprised with a motorcycle trip to Oklahoma. Yes, it was quite a surprise.  We had one week off and we were going to visit his […]


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